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Devon Equine Crisis Support

A Safe Haven for Horses and Ponies


We sadly need to raise funds to purchase a small holding as sadly the farm where our yard is based and rented is up for sale as of NOW June 1st 2024.

We are worried about where our rescue horses and ponies will go if we can't raise the funds needed as they rely on the team to keep them safe.

We are all upset and don't want D.E.C.S to disband, that isn't an option as we have worked so very hard to get a yard to standard and now to know we are going to lose our much loved home, but we will need to fight and try and raise the vital funds needed.

We only have 12 weeks from the date when this funder was published to raise funds.

£400.000 could buy us a perfect place for our rescue horses and ponies.

We know times are hard and people have their own struggles.

Could you consider donating to help us purchase our very own centre where we wouldn't have to pack up and leave ever again?

Words from our founder Melissa Middleton who has personally had her own struggles in life.

Our aim was to not only bring on unwanted horses and ponies, but to help owners in a crisis situation.

The time I spend with them is soul lifting, watching them grow and change, I feel so privileged when I gain their trust. I usually cry the first time it happens, because you know deep wishing that they are going to be ok.

We try not to be too big so they all get quality time, some will go to quality homes, others come for the end of life care and love they so need and deserve. Some are abandoned, some abused, some feral, it never ceases to amaze me and lift my soul to earn their trust.

This is where my heart and soul lives and I need to continue for myself, the horses, the owners and the healing they give to sick people who visit.

A little about what we do at our rescue

Devon Equine Crisis Support D.E.C.S. is a Registered Charity No: 1177298 For the public benefit, to relieve the suffering of horses in need of care and attention and in Devon by providing support to equine charities, equines and their owners in a crisis situation and by providing and maintaining rescue homes or other facilities for their reception, care and treatment of animals.

Thank You from the ponies, horses and Team xx

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