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About the Charity

Devon Equine Crisis Support (D.E.C.S.) is a Registered Charity number 1177298.

We are here to provide equine related support where ever it is needed.

What We Do

Our mission is to offer support and help to those in genuine need. We do not judge as we know how easy it is in the current climate for people to find themselves in financial difficulty. Whether this is through giving feed or helping with vet and farrier bills.

We also provide support in our local area for owners who face hospitalisation or palliative care.

All of the horses that come into our care or that we place with foster carers are vet checked, treated for any medical issues, given passports, microchipped, and given time, love and understanding.

We have a staunch no breeding policy, so any entire equines are gelded.

We aim to rehome where possible.

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Who We Are

Devon Equine Crisis Support is run solely by an amazing team of volunteers.

It isn't just about taking care of our horses, we are working hard behind the scenes arranging and running charity events, auctions and going to car boot sales to sell donated items to raise money.

Join the Cause

We are always looking for great people like yourselves to help.

Whether it is a couple of hours of poo picking, donating high quality items for us to sell, or running your own fundraising event, we would like to hear from you!

Please clink on the link below to see how you can help make a difference today.

Donation Boxes

Charity Objectives

For the public benefit, to relieve the suffering of horses in need of care and attention in Devon by providing support to equine charities, equines and their owners in a crisis situation and by providing and maintaining rescue homes or other facilities for their reception, care and treatment of such animals.

How It All Started

Founded by Melissa and Bill Middleton.

This is a story to be told by a campfire, sat among friends, and not in a few sentences typed up online. 

Arrange a visit with us one day and hear our history, its lows and highs, from Melissa herself. Love x

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