Hello, my name is Casper and my story has a tragic beginning but a happy ending.

I was found at just three days old when my mummy had been chased and impaled on a wooden fence. Unfortunately, they couldn't save her and the welsh pony rescue had to arrange put her to sleep, when they moved her and were about to leave, they saw the mud she had been lying on was moving, and there I was found. I have suffered a small amount of brain damage and my conformation is not what it should be as a result, but I am happy and loved.

My new mummy, Melissa took me in at 6 months old and hand reared me herself, I have made such good friends here with my fellow herd members. I am very artistic as I love to paint cars with my tongue after scooping up mud. I also enjoy playing the piano and have a little electric one.

Due to my history I cannot go to another home but would be grateful if you could donate to help with my food and bedding and such.