Hello my name is Ruby. I came to D.E.C.S. when Melissa heard about me..

With my previous owner I was so frightened of humans that I'm afraid I didn't act my best and it was decided at the time that I would be too dangerous to handle and my fate was to become dinner for the animals at the zoo.

Melissa saw something in me and insisted I be given a chance. She walked me all the way back to the sanctuary, and with lots of love, time and encouragement, I began to trust again. It is thanks to everyone at D.E.C.S. that I am now looking for a new forever home.

My new owner will have to be patient and spend some time getting to know me as I can still be nervous about meeting new people, because of all the scars I need constant reassurance but love a cuddle when you get to know me.

As you can see from my pictures, I have settled in well and made new friends, I love playing in the pond and getting muddy, I am a bit of a tomboy to be honest.

If you would like to meet me and possibly offer me that home as a companion then get in touch via the adoptions page.